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R.I.P. Precision Tools was born out of the need for custom CNC Router tools and Mill tooling with geometry and features that were not readily available or were sold at a premium from other manufacturers.

R.I.P was born from this need along with the goal that R.I.P. could produce tools of better quality, with premium features and coatings, at a price point far below that of top tooling manufacturers in the industry.

Through careful research and development and testing, using high-quality carbide and coatings. We now offer an ever-growing lineup of premium high-quality tooling for the wood and metalworking industry.

Quality doesn't stop at tooling! R.I.P. puts the same effort into Customer Service as we do our products!

We are known for our desire to help our customers with top-notch, prompt customer service. From questions about feeds and speeds, advice for machining and toolpath strategies, to materials and machine questions.

We love helping out not only our customers but also help anyone in need, customer or not.
After hours? Holidays? Weekends? If we are online or see the notification, we are there!.


One of our team members is always ready to help! Even if that help is to point you in the right direction for something we may not offer at the time.

Our goal is to provide the absolute best quality product, customer service, and the absolute best value period!

RIP Cutting Tools are simply the the highest quality and the best value on the market today!

And to educate and assist customers no matter the experience level, to become masters of your craft and develop skills to help you be more efficient, knowledgeable, and skilled. And to be successful at what you are doing, be it just a woodworking hobby or a full-fledged business.

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